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TBFFA Hall of Fame (As I saw it through the years)

I had the privilege of playing in the TBFFA for a loooong time.

Was lucky enough to make many great friends and the good fortune to play on and against some really good teams.

The TBFFA has seen some great flag football players through the years and benefited from a strong leadership group.

Hats off to all that play and have played the TBFFA.  The best league in the area for a long time, by a long ways.

So without further ado....

TBFFA HOFers (In my humble opinion) - (My apologies if I spell your name wrong, or don't even know it)


1st Ballot, Absolutely No Doubt Guys

Jason Kirschner - best player in league history, undisputed, if an annual league MVP award is ever created it should be named after him

Johnny (Fusion) QB - willed his teams to win, made everyone around him better, amazing competitor 


OLD SCHOOL - gone, but not forgotten

Mike Montero (Bad Boys, Bandits) QB - the guy played in high top basketball shoes and made everyone else look they were wearing skates

Lenny (Bad Boys) QB - cannon arm, fiery competitor

Marty (Bad Boys) WR/S - highlight film on both sides of the ball

Casio Jones (Bad Boys,Hitmen) RB - soooo fast, "too many weapons" 

Rusty Longaberger (Hitmen) QB/mlb - captain clutch

John Mule (Hitmen) WR/S - freaky fearless athlete

James "Big Cat" Whatley (Hitmen) Slot/LB - shut down LB

Brian "Big B" Burris (Hitmen, Relentless, Vets) WR/QB/S - touchdowns and 1st downs

Dean (Orange Gators) WR/S - Man amongst boys

Malawai Hills (Blue Gators, Players) WR/CB - brought a new level of athleticism to an early league

Eric Holloway (many teams) Double Passer - X factor for multiple championships with different teams

Eric Hutchinson (many teams) QB/CB - shut down corner

Xavier "X" (Players) - WR/CB - shut down corner, big play after big play on "O"


Old School/New School - these guys were great for a Looooooong time

Glenn (Villians, Players, Dhem, ect) THE Slot Receiver, 1st ballot all hands team, couldn't guard him even when you knew it was going to him

Stan (Havoc, Fusion,ect)  PR - disruptor of offenses everywhere

Eddie Cruz (Havoc, Bandits, Fusion, ect) fierce competitor who excelled all over the field, shut down line backer

Vince (Reapers) QB - king of the "B" division for years, he was actually quick back in the 90's


Newer School

Veck (Vets,ect)  Double Passer/MLB - will scare you on offense, will kill you on defense

Gator (So Hood, ect) QB - the play is never over, his team is never out of it

Ty (Vets,ect) CB/WR - Shut Down Corner (FAT CORNER), amazing instincts 

Lewis Hailman "Ray Lew" (Relentless, Vets) LB - FIERY competitor, shut down linebacker

Shut'em Down Brian (many teams) - MLB/WR/QB - dominant all over the field, many, many Championships

Hawaiian Ash (Vets, ect) PR/WR - nowhere for quarterbacks to hide

Mike (Ballin,ect) QB - made his teammates better


League Contributors

Terry O'Grady - League Founder, Thank you

Larry Langston - The Commish, carried the league brightly into the new millennium

The Clouses - Father/Son team of refs who kept order in the early days of the league

Greg (Desperados) - Larry's right hand man in his early days of running the league, I believe the creator of the website?, league is better for his influence

Spanky (Dirty Birds, Players) - great player, most interesting man in the league "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game" "Trunk Slammers"

Cinci (Desperados, Players) - best hips in league history (VERY close, honorable mentions to Glenn, Veck, & Johnny), funniest dude in league history (VERY close, honorable mention to Spanky)

GM Pooh, Slim (What,ect.) - great leader and constructor of teams


Remember, these are my opinions.  If I think of others I will add them. I enjoyed sharing my Sunday's for many years with so many of you.

I had a good time on memory lane.  Would love to hear others opinions.




Ash Rader







The Commish

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Absolutely dead on Ashley! You nailed is perfectly! However, I do have 3 titles and some field experience...if I win 4, I'd like to get some love for a player....biggrin


TBFFA.com Crew

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i would agree with most of it Ash, I know part of the criteria was for people to be done. Playing. FYI I mentioned you and I would like to see guys like you who were apart of the league come back in some way possibly reffing or something

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